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Visual Schema Displacement Therapy (VSDT)®
Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy®
Visual Schema Detachment & Restructuring (VSDR)®

Between them, The Speakmans have studied human behaviour and psychology for almost seven decades. A journey originating when Nik was told he only had eight weeks to live. Faced with a life-or-death situation, and in pursuit of a solution, Nik made a discovery that changed everything. He found a solution, and further discovered information is inherently flawed, and often remains unchallenged for decades.

Having studied for almost a decade he formed many individualistic views on mental health diagnoses and the treatment of the same. Nik then joined forces with Eva, and they began studying and working together.

After many years of prodigious success, helping those suffering with perceived incurable diagnoses. Nik & Eva’s experience and research led to the creation of three pioneering therapies. Those therapies in future, could very well change the landscape of how mental health diagnoses are treated.

One is a behavioural change therapy, ‘Schema Conditioning Psychotherapy’®, and two visual trauma therapies, ‘Visual Schema Displacement Therapy (VSDT)’® and ‘Visual Schema Detachment & Restructuring (VSDR)’®.

The Speakmans’ core belief is that no one is born with  mental health issues. Diagnoses are derived purely from from psychosomatic responses to trauma.

The Speakmans’ consideration therefore, is:

“It’s not what is wrong with an individual, it’s what happened to them, that causes mental health issues.”