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We live in unprecedented times – with the re-adjustment back to office life after COVID-19 causing lots of undue stress and anxiety for many employees’ mental health. To combat this, many companies understandably have had a major mental health and wellbeing drive in the workplace, however they may have not yet found the silver bullet to boost their staff.

For the last 23 years, Nik and Eva have taught mental health wellbeing to businesses all over the world – supercharging staff productivity, positivity, and potential. Due to The Speakmans’ extensive TV profile, there is a greater curiosity & trust to engage in their corporate sessions, which in turn creates a tangible buzz in the workplace.

The Speakmans offer bespoke wellbeing corporate programmes in the virtual and office environment, helping to address:

Mental wellness
Success at work
Stress management

To deliver:

Increased company productivity & loyalty
Mindfulness and work-life balance
Reduced sick days

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