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Upgrade Your Life - The Speakmans

Upgrade Your Life – Out Now!

It’s time for an upgrade! We upgrade our technology all the time, but what about ourselves? If you feel held back and frustrated, if you feel like you need to change but you don’t know how – then Nik and Eva Speakman want you to upgrade your life. Using the techniques and exercises that they have used to transform the lives of countless clients, Nik and Eva give you the skills and confidence to change the voice in your head from one that says ‘I can’t’ to one that says ‘I can.’ In Upgrade Your Life, you will learn that anything is possible when you push past your unconscious barriers and take action towards your dreams. The new you is closer than you think.




Conquering Anxiety The Speakmans

Conquering Anxiety

Winning At Weight Loss The Speakmans

Winning At Weight Loss

Everyday Confidence The Speakmans

Everyday Confidence

The Speakmans’ bestselling book trilogy.


Conquering Anxiety

A powerful and life-changing guide to living a more positive life. Based on The Speakmans’ Schema Conditioning Therapy®‘. The Speakmans show you that you can begin to  enjoy the healthy, carefree life that you deserve.


Winning at Weight Loss

Most people never link weight gain with life traumas, yet it is usually life traumas that create internal conflict and the most common reason why diets don’t work long-term. This book can help to release you from the emotional and physical issues around your body size and health. Over the years, The Speakmans have helped thousands of everyday people lose weight, improve their self-worth and body image, now it can be your turn. Feel confident about yourself and in control of your eating habits, with Nik and Eva’s expert help.


Everyday Confidence

We all want more confidence. When you realise that confidence is an inside job, and work through the exercises you can start to be released from old behavioural patterns, negative people and toxic situations. In every case, Nik and Eva remind you that you have more power than you think: The Speakmans have helped countless clients ditch the self-doubt and move on from their social and low self-esteem issues. With their tried-and-tested tools, and the testimony of those whose lives have been transformed by their methods, you too will learn how to silence your inner critic and grasp a more confident, fulfilled and incredible future.