About us

Nik and Eva Speakman have studied and worked together since 1992, both sharing a passion to help people lead happier and less inhibited lives. Studying the work of Ivan Pavlov, John Watson, Jean Piaget and B.F. Skinner they acquired an intellectual curiosity for behaviourism and conditioning. After many breakthroughs, their studies transformed into the creation of their own behavioural change therapy known as ‘Schema Conditioning’.®

The couple work with, and have treated many high profile clients and have had countless successes. They are resident therapists on ITV’s award winning ‘This Morning’ and had their own shows, one of which, ‘The Speakmans’, also aired on ITV. They have also appeared on numerous other shows as expert contributors.

Nik and Eva help people through many mediums including live workshops, tours, books, radio and TV. They have many exciting plans for their future in the U.K., Europe and USA. At the heart of all of their plans lies a relentless mission to assist as many people as they can to overcome their issues, and improve the quality of their lives.