Symptom and cause


In the 1970s, there was a period in the UK when the bin collection department was on strike for a significant period of time. As a consequence, festering rubbish accumulated and bags full of waste were piled high along the roads and streets.

Inevitably, thanks to the ever-growing mounds of rubbish, and infestation of rats and insect ensued. Councils tried to rectify the situation by spraying insect killer and putting down rat poison. However, as one wave of insects were eradicated, another wave would appear. This cycle of events carried on for some time. Indeed, the mounds of rotten rubbish were a symptom of the strike and similarly the insects and the rats were a symptom of the rubbish. It was only when the strike was over and the rubbish was removed, that the insect and rat infestation disappeared permanently.

This is a great example of how a cause – the strike – resulted in a build-up of rubbish, which in turn, caused an infestation of rats and insects. Without the rubbish there would have been no infestation.

The same is true of behaviours. Once you identify, address and resolve the cause that drives the behaviour, the symptoms will disappear almost effortlessly.

This is the basis of our approach to confidence and how we hope to help you. Our intention is to help direct you, to recognise what beliefs no longer serve you, and how to remove them to give you a fresh, untarnished, decluttered and clean foundation of confidence and self-belief.

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