Everyday Confidence


Most people know that in order to achieve good physical health, you should eat well, obtain good-quality sleep and participate in exercise. However, you may not appreciate that the same rules apply for maintaining good mental health, and a significant contributor to your good mental health is CONFIDENCE.

Something that you may have never considered is that no one is born with or without confidence. You are a wonderfully unique human being that has been influenced by your environment, your life and your upbringing. This determines everything – your views on the world, the football team you support, the political party you prefer, even your favourite foods. This is also true of your confidence.

The truth is that it is highly likely that you have never actually had an impartial view of yourself. Your view of yourself, your capabilities, your ease to speak out or to speak in public is often based upon how others have made you feel – the people you have encountered and interacted with throughout your life. Through these circumstances, and the words you (and others) use to describe yourself and your capabilities, your levels of confidence and self-esteem are created. These words you use and believe about abilities are also the basis of the internal dialogue that you have with yourself.


“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh


Lack of confidence is a symptom


You may feel that a lack of confidence is the problem you suffer from. If you could solve it, all would be well.

However in truth, a lack of confidence, and all its associated emotions, are SYMPTOMS of something else that needs addressing:

  • Self-doubt
  • Self-loathing
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling weak
  • Feeling judged
  • Feeling not good enough

From working with may thousands of clients over the last two decades, we understand that a cause or causes always exist in creating your feelings of low confidence. You were not born lacking confidence, nor does living with a lack of confidence need to be your destiny.


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