We have been together for 30 years and married for 26 years. We live together, we work together, we even go to the gym together. So what is the secret to our happy relationship? `in this blog we will share a few tips on that work for us. We hope they will work for you too!


You must be able to be able to talk about anything and everything. We often think that our partner is a mind reader; they don’t know what you’re thinking unless you talk about it. Talk about how you feel more, once you start expressing your feelings it starts to come naturally!


You have to laugh with your partner, look for more reasons to laugh, most of all learn to laugh at yourself. Laughing at yourself shows humility which is a great quality.  You can crack some jokes (if any of you know Nik and join us on our Monday night lives on Facebook and Instagram, you know that’s not difficult for him!)

There Is No One Reality

Appreciate that there is no ‘one’ reality. Many people say they are two sides to every story as we all see things differently.
In fact, one could argue that there’s at least three sides to every story – the third being the unbiased, impartial “truth” of the event and being the most important.

Listen to one and another and appreciate that we all see the world differently, this is important. We all have different filters, as a consequence of our life experiences from the past. It never helps any situation being argumentative, or antagonistic.  The next time you find that you come to a differing opinion or disagreement, ask your partner how they see things by trying this “oh right, I can see how you might have been upset by that, but what I actually meant was…”

Mutual Friendship Circles

If you don’t already, you should socialise together and share friends. Of course, it’s totally fine to occasionally go out with friends occasionally from time to time. However, you also need to share good times together with the most important person in your life, otherwise, you will only share mundane times with your partner, and that’s not ideal.

We enjoyed sharing these tips with you and we hope you find them useful!

We have a TikTok video that will help you share these tips with your partner in a more exciting way, which we posted closer to Valentine’s Day (although every day can be Valentine’s Day!).  You can also listen to our podcast ‘Making The Change’ for more helpful tips and advice.