When it comes to dieting, we have so many people that approach us, who HAVE become very frustrated, disillusioned and upset with themselves. This is because they can’t maintain a diet and they can’t lose weight. We have a lot of people saying to us how can I win at weight loss? How can I succeed? How can I finally be able to live peacefully without having to feel like I’m in some sort of battle with myself?


Some statistics say that up to 98% of all diets fail. What is the cause of this and why does this happen? The reality is that most of us create very strong habitual behaviours around food, over many years. Food that we eat on a daily or hourly basis – that isn’t necessarily healthy for us – can be extremely difficult to shake off. When we suddenly begin dieting, it’s very common to attempt a completely brand-new set of foods that we’re supposed to eat. Ultimately, the rapid change is just too big of an ask for our bodies.

Especially as all of these foods that we have spent decades eating on a regular basis, suddenly become prohibited. Just consider smokers struggling to give up cigarettes – that’s literally just one thing that they’re trying to abolish. With many diet plans, we’re trying to banish up to 20 different kinds of food from our lives instantaneously.


For many people who attempt to go on diets, behind every symptom, in our experience, there is always a cause. The fact is, when we eat, especially when we eat junk foods or sugary foods we do release feel-good hormones. Hormones like dopamine (released when we feel happy or when we’re in love). So, if we’re not feeling great, corresponding with unaddressed emotional pain from the past. Pain that still hurts us today, we may use our favourite foods to self-medicate.

Please consider that no one is born overweight – so if you look back to the past (photographs may help you with this), you’ll notice a point in time where you can identify where you started to put on weight. We can ‘self-sabotage’ and overeat for a whole number of different reasons, such as getting bullied at school, or in a relationship.

If you’re getting told constantly that you’re not good enough, or that you’re not going to succeed in anything, it’s not going to help you every time you plan to take on healthy eating and weight loss. It’s likely that you will throw the towel in very quickly, as you think ‘What’s the point! I’m just going to give up very quickly anyway.”


Therefore, the simple way to address this is to look for what might have happened in your past – for which you might still carry some emotional baggage which is still hurting you today. Food is a great void-filler – if we were lonely at a point in our lives, going through grief, or if we didn’t have enough direction, it’s likely that we’d turn to food to fill that gap. Also, you might have been wanting to emulate someone to get closer to them, such as a parent, and if they were overweight, you might want to copy their behaviour – it’s sometimes very difficult to truly understand the impact that a person of influence has on you. Hope this helps!


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