Do you crumble or panic at the prospect of an interview, or audition?

The most common causes of your interview or audition nerves is…

  • Glossophobia (a fear of public speaking!) We actually did a deep dive all about this phobia in a blog last month.
  • Fear of judgement – again, to some degree, most of us have this fear
  • Social anxiety

In response to a LOT of requests recently (new year, new job – evidently is a situation for a lot of you!) here are some quick tips to help.

  1. The first thing to acknowledge, is that you have already been picked or chosen for the interview, highlighting that you already tick a number of boxes. Therefore, they are already interested in you. They don’t want to waste their time inviting you, and you won’t waste their time either. You have got over the first hurdle – so congratulations!
  2. With a job interview, the interview is just a formality to ensure you will gel with the work dynamic. They desperately want you to be the right person and be the right fit for their team. Moreover, the interview is more of a granular test to see if you have the finer abilities an employer is looking for. Therefore, you are not there to be criticised. The person holding the interview wants nothing more than for you to be the correct candidate. You have already been chosen – don’t lose sight of that.
  3. With an audition, they usually have even more of an idea of what they’re looking for, so it’s more about look, and mannerisms for the character they see, not your ability. It’s nothing personal to you, sometimes, you just don’t fit the character that they’re envisioning in their head.
  4. Try mirror matching – try and mimic the body language of the person you’re speaking to. If they’re sat back, you sat back.
  5. Refer to people by their name – we’re all guilty of drifting off in conversation. Don’t overdo it of course – but it’s really respectful to use someone’s first name in conversation, and it really helps to lift someone back into focus with what you’re saying, as it’s a great way to show that you care about what they think or say.
  6. Try out our sighing technique – imagine in your mind that the interview or audition is going to go really really well, really confident, really dynamic, and sigh when thinking so. It will trick your brain into thinking you have already done the interview (and smashed it!)

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