Do you have toxic people present in your everyday life? If so, they could be negatively affecting your mood and detrimentally impacting your mental health – even more so than you might realise. When family and friends are involved, sometimes it can become more difficult to identify these individuals in your midst, so we wanted to share some of the key warning signs.

  1. They constantly put you down
  2. Whatever you do or say is wrong
  3. They always leave you feeling emotionally drained
  4. They give you back-handed compliments
  5. They’re always judging you
  6. They intimidate you
  7. They try and control you
  8. They’re always making you feel guilty about something

If any of these indicators resonate with you when you’re thinking about someone currently in your life, maybe now the time is to evaluate who they might be, do you really want to keep them in your life, and how to distance from these individuals.

If toxic people are polluting your world, watch our TikTok video which provides many tips to help!

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