Can you really fake it, until you make it?
Yes you can and the moment will entirely take you by surprise and you never know exactly when it will happen.  But one day you recognise that you have crossed the line from ‘faking’ it to ‘making’ it and when that day arrives, you feel fantastic.
So perhaps it’s a skill you’ve been wanting to improve.  Maybe it’s writing and instead of droning on with long, boring sentences, you notice that your words snap into place. Your characters sparkle and your plot takes many meandering curves that keeps readers coming back for more.  Perhaps it’s a character trait that you never thought you’d own such as courage or self-confidence. These traits can’t be developed. Or can they?  Well instead of shriveling up in fear when you’re tackling something new, you notice that you’re charged up, your curiosity is aroused and you look forward to learning more.
So in what area of life do you want to ‘make’ it?  Do you want to be a computer whiz?  A public speaker?  An artist?  Do you just simply want to raise your self-esteem? do you want to enrich your relationship skills?  Enhance your decision-making?  Well here”s the deal, If you don’t start ‘faking’ it, then, you won’t be ‘making’ it. Why not?  Because you’ll shrug your shoulders, hang your head low and remain on the sidelines and not take a risk.  You will fear to attempt and  you will give up at the first sign of frustration.

‘Faking’ it is not being dishonest and it’s not blowing your own trumpet.  It’s quite simply acting as if you already have it.  You don’t have to feel confident on the inside to look confident on the outside. You don’t have to know it all to know more than the next person.  You don’t have to be a candidate for “Strictly Come Dancing” to shake your booty.  You don’t have to be the next Monet to put paint to canvas.  Faking it’ is being courageous and it’s doing it, despite being scared to death.  It’s doing it, despite being disappointed in your progress.  It’s doing it, despite wanting to give up and yet as you do it, you get better.  Why?  Because you are practicing a skill and you are in the game, you are polishing your performance, regardless of whether or not you are aware of it.
Then, one glorious day, you admit that all your hard work has paid off and you take it all in, perhaps pat yourself on the back and say “Yes, indeed, I have made it, I can do that and I am no longer afraid.  I am capable, I am confident and I am proud of myself.”

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