Everyone wants to get rich, from the old to the young. The real reason why most people aren’t and a few are, is due to the way one thinks. Thought and outlook play a major role in living an abundant lifestyle. Everyone knows it’s never a smooth ride, but are you really ready for the rollercoaster?

1. Passion and knowing what you want

Rich people understand one thing, and that’s going after what they want. What makes one live abundantly is finding your passion early, and following it wholeheartedly. You have to do what gives you a deep pleasure and joy. Don’t just sit there and do the same things everyday that doesn’t add a spark into your life. Find that which moves you. Once you do, FOLLOW IT!

2. Being around like-minded people

We all heard the saying “birds of the same feather, flock together” this holds true when it comes to success in life. You can’t be around the same people, doing the same things that haven’t shown you any results. If you’re around people who take away from you, rather than add to you, you have to start eliminating people out of your life. 

When you’re around successful people, you can see the drive, confidence and attitude about them. They own themselves and own everything they do. They are not afraid of being great! Why should you be? Start thinking about the people you surround yourself with! The only way you’ll attract successful people is if you start having a successful mind, confidence and attitude.

AVOID: People who are negative and pessimistic. Avoid the dream killers. Once you start making noise a lot of people won’t like it, but by then you’re in a new playing field where everyone is winning!

3. Rich people don’t depend on education

One thing is for sure is that rich people do not depend on education. Many of the billionaires today do not have college degrees. A lot of people are sold to believe that a college degree will leave them better off but in actuality it leaves you in debt, and jobless. The unemployment for those with degrees are higher and don’t be surprised if you see someone with a masters working at McDonalds.

The reason why rich people don’t depend on education is because they are creative. We’re all creative, but it takes thinking outside the box to get creative. Don’t be in line for something that doesn’t work, find it within yourself to get creative and use the ideas in your mind to start making major moves.

4. Embrace the future

Rich people embrace the future, whereas poor people live in the past and fear the future. Rich people have goals, plans, and steps towards execution of their goals. Ambition is the drive and when you see the many blessings and abundance you’ve acquired, you plan on climbing the ladder higher and higher. This is a big difference in thinking. Are you living in the past? Do you have fear of what’s to come? Those are signs that you need to start focusing on what you want out of life and start LIVING!

5. Leadership

Most rich people are leaders. They own themselves and know what they want. Just with that attitude they are able to lead companies into great heights. If you’re too scared to speak up, you’ll just end up becoming a follower. You have to be bold, and be very confident to be a leader. Rich people are just like everyone, all they do it follow their dreams, and take risks because they don’t have fear stopping them. They lead in a fearless way!

6. Self-Control

One thing rich people understand is self-control. They know that in order to make their money grow they have to invest it. Have you heard that many lottery ticket winners end up losing all their money? Well, that’s because they lack self-control and haven’t learned the discipline in not only earning money but also keeping it. The idea of self-control teaches you to stay focused and not think of small rewards now, but rather BIGGER rewards later.

7. Taking Action and Aiming High

If you every want to get rich and live abundantly you have to get rid of procrastination. It’s always NOW that you have to take action. You can’t just wait for someone to spoon feed you, you have to get up and feed yourself. Procrastination and laziness go hand-in-hand. Rich people take action and always aim high. It’s just the way it goes. The only difference between you and a rich person is the way they use their mind. Don’t fall victim to your old ways. Start building new habits to live abundantly today!

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