Did you know that as many as 1 in 10 people surveyed in over 21 countries, thought the world was going to end?

We were stunned at the start of 2012 to receive an email from a lady telling us that she had a massive phobia of 2012! As unbelievable as that sounded, a steady flow of similar emails started to emerge, until by December we were literally inundated with hundreds of emails from people fearing the Mayan Apocalypse and their imminent demise.

When the numbers became outrageous, we started to tweet messages to alleviate the fear of the world! As a result we gained followers from Indonesia, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Russia, Canada, China and many other countries around the world.

It’s amazing that so many people would plan for the total annihilation of planet Earth, and yet so few even realise the very real and grave threat to life as we know it is right in front of us, being the damage that human beings cause to the planet.

Humanity seems to have a bizarre obsession with the end of the world, evens as far back as 634 BCE, when Romans predicted that 12 mystical eagles had revealed a “secret” number that would determine the end date of Rome.

Since then, there have been no fewer than 288 publicly recorded doomsday prophecies suggesting an apocalypse, asteroid collisions and general human expiration, from the early predictions of Nostradamus, to the high-tech Y2K.

And yet, here we are. The world still turns and with this in mind welcome to our new website which in the absence of the worlds end, will give you lots of information and news on making the most of this amazing life that we often take for granted, until we’re faced with the possibility that humanity is finished.

Check out our podcastMaking The Change’ to help alleviate any further concerns you may have in your life! 🙂